Mature Industry – Fresh Approach

Micron Industries is a full-service electroplating and metal finishing company with ISO-9001 certification and over 70,000 square feet of capacity. With expertise gained from over 50 years of professional experience, Micron has earned a national reputation in the Defense and Aerospace industries as well as providing services to large customers in the Commercial and Industrial markets with a special focus on the needs of the most technically challenging parts. Our precision processes and quality control systems are designed to fulfill the most exacting standards.

Communication is a key driver to the success of any relationship. At Micron, we are leveraging technology to provide enhanced service levels while utilizing a human touch in our communication with customers. Micron believes in working closely with our customers to solve problems when they arise. Micron is intent on developing a group of customers for whom we provide exceptional service. Micron is committed to providing high-quality finishes, exceptional customer service, reliable lead times, and competitive pricing.

When it comes to plating and metal finishing we understand how important it is to deliver a high-quality job with precision. Whatever the finish, we have the capacity and experience to fulfill even the most demanding projects. We have worked with industries such as defense and aerospace which has earned us a great reputation on a national level. We can take on large commercial jobs with highly complex variables and deliver a quality end result that is reflected in every part.

Over the years, several different entities have existed that have become part of what is known today as Micron Industries. Some of these entity names continue to be seen on prints and drawings. The most prominent of these is “TecPlate” and “Dallas Precious Metals Plating”. You can rest assured that the legacy expertise from each still resides within Micron Industries today.

At Micron, we realize we are but one step in your manufacturing process.

Contact us today and allow us to earn the right to be your virtual captive plating shop and your partner in quality manufacturing.

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